Do I need to wear 3D TV glasses all the time to watch 3D TV?

Answer You don't have to wear 3D TV glasses all the time if you are not watching 3D programs on your TV. You can always choose between regular 2D mode and 3D mode, and if you are watching standard 2D then... Read More »

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Can people who wear glasses watch 3-D movies?

People who wear glasses can watch 3-D movies as long as the 3-D glasses fit over regular glasses. If you plan to watch a 3-D movie in a theater, call the theater ahead of time to make sure that the... Read More »

Can people who wear glasses watch movies in 3-D?

The 3-D glasses used by movie theaters are large enough to fit over regular glasses worn by movie-goers. Wearing the 3-D glasses may be uncomfortable during long movies, but the glasses are mostly ... Read More »

Should I wear my glasses all the time?

If you can't see well from long distances( for example recognizing people from 50 meters,...) you should wear your glasses al the time because it hurts for your eyes when you always have a hazy vie... Read More »

Is it bad for your eyes to wear your glasses all of the time?

wearing glasses all the time or some time or never has no effect on how your uncorrected vision becomes. wearing/not wearing glasses doesn't fix/wreck your eyes so it is entirely up to you when or ... Read More »