Do I need to use a DSL filter?

Answer On One Hand: Filters Improve Signal QualityDigital subscriber line, or DSL, filters remove the high frequency noise and interference caused by your phone equipment. The filters are placed between t... Read More »

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Do I need a new fuel filter?

On One Hand: Follow the Scheduled MaintenanceCars are designed with scheduled maintenance intervals for a reason. When a manufacturer sends its cars out into the world, it's with the understanding ... Read More »

Why Do You Need an Air Filter in Your Car?

Air filters sift out particles while a car takes in air to keep these particles and dirt out of the engine, where damage can occur. Keeping an air filter clean and unclogged helps the car's long-te... Read More »

Signs You Need a New Gas Filter?

The gas filter is an essential part of a vehicle's fuel system. The engine and the fuel injectors require the gas filter to keep dirt and debris out. The signs you need a new gas filter will enable... Read More »

When do i need an iron filter?

On One Hand: Iron Filters are Mandatory for SomeIn their 1989 article "Iron Toxicity," metal toxicity experts Dr. Paul C. Ecks and Dr. Larry Wilson point out that three to six people per 1,000 suff... Read More »