Do I need to use Windows Firewall?

Answer On One Hand: Not If You Are Behind a RouterAccording to computer expert Leo Notenboom, you do not need Windows Firewall on as long as you have your computer connected to a router. Routers prevent h... Read More »

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Do I need a separate firewall for Windows XP?

On One Hand: Microsoft Says Windows XP's Firewall Is SufficientAccording to Microsoft's official website, Windows XP has a "built-in firewall, so an additional firewall is not necessary." Windows F... Read More »

Do I need a firewall with Windows Vista?

On One Hand: Windows Vista Firewall AdequateAccording to, the latest version of Windows Firewall---found in Windows 7, Vista and Windows XP Service Pack Two and Three---is turned ... Read More »

Do you need to run Windows Firewall if you have a router?

On One Hand: Windows Firewall Filters Some Outbound TrafficA network firewall is a kind of filter for network communication. Some firewalls filter incoming data (from a network, such as the Interne... Read More »

Do I need to turn off my Windows firewall when installing Turbo Tax?

To avoid running into problems installing Turbo Tax, you should turn off Windows firewall--and any other firewall you have running--before attempting to install the program, according to the Turbo ... Read More »