Do I need to see a Neurologist Or is it my just my stress very important,Help?

Answer Dear Vikram, I suggest you to give some rest to your mind go on vacation with your family don't think any think just enjoy stopped doing work and for better results consult neurologist if possible.

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How long does it take to become a neurologist?

Neurologists train for about 12 years--four years of undergraduate study and four years of medical school are required before a one-year internship can begin. After the internship, an aspiring neur... Read More »

How much does a neurologist get paid?

According to the 2008 Physician Compensation Survey done by Modern Healthcare, the average annual salary for a neurologist is between $203,200 and $298,503.Source:Neurology

Where does a neurologist work?

Neurologists study and treat disorders of the human nervous system. They can work in laboratories performing clinical research, treat patients in an office or clinic or perform surgery in a hospita... Read More »

Should I see a neurologist or orthopedist?

Without knowing what the issue is, it's hard to say. A neurologist can certainly treat it if it is related to your ulnar nerve, but neurologists often have longer waits for appointments and higher ... Read More »