Do I need to purchase a USB cable when buying a printer?

Answer In most cases, yes.Get one at the Dollar Store. Don't let Best Buy rip you off for $10.00

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What's the point of buying new printer cartridges when you can just buy another printer...?

You frequently do not get full sized cartridges with printers but only partly-filled "starter" cartridges.In any case, the printers that are cheaper than their cartridges are inevitably at the lowe... Read More »

I need help buying a good printer?

I really like my lexmark x4550 wireless printer. It is really easy to refill the cartridges and it prints good! It also has a optional photo cartridge you can add for better pictures but it prints ... Read More »

If i buy printer for laptop, will i need ink, paper and cable?

It is my experience that printers no longer come with cables. If you get a USB-connected printer, you can pick up a USB printer cable at a good price at:…... Read More »

What type of cable would I need to connect my printer to my laptop?

Buy yourself another USB cable You need a USB A-B cable.One end (the smaller end) goes into the printer. Other end goes into a free USB port on your laptop.