Do I need to prove I am fit enough for work I think I am and so does my doctor?

Answer get your employee manual out & find where your employer can override a docs orders that you are ok to go back to work...& if your employer continues this nonsense, ya either hire a lawyer, or make ... Read More »

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Can you get examined by a travel insurance doctor to prove fitness at your own cost?

Can blood work prove bipolar disease?

On One Hand: Blood Tests are Used in Bipolar DiagnosisDiagnosticians commonly employ lab tests including blood work when trying to diagnose bipolar disorder. These may include, according to Medline... Read More »

Can I be fired from my job if my doctor signs me out of work due to back problem caused at work?

they can not sack you if you have a medical certificate, this is unfair dismissal, the most they can do is call you in for a meating to determine how long you will be on the sick for and if they ne... Read More »

Does PC Bug Doctor work?

On One Hand: Lukewarm ReviewA 2005 version of PC Bug Doctor received a lukewarm review by respected technology website The editors wrote that they were unable to draw any strong conclusio... Read More »