Do I need to prove I am fit enough for work I think I am and so does my doctor?

Answer get your employee manual out & find where your employer can override a docs orders that you are ok to go back to work...& if your employer continues this nonsense, ya either hire a lawyer, or make ... Read More »

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Who do you think Professor River Song is in Doctor Who and how does she know The Doctor?

Instead of a female Jack Harkness, it could also be a child of Jack's. In the first season, on Satellite 5 there is a news bulletin about The Face of Boe have given birth, and later The Face is de... Read More »

Hi , im 13 and i want to get a phone but my parents dont think im old enough for it or i need it , help me?

Honey, you AREN'T old enough. You're 13. What could you possibly need a phone for? I'm assuming you're talking about a cell phone. You're probably not going to be going anywhere alone to need a pho... Read More »

Do you think i need to go to the doctor if i have this symptoms for diabetes?

Yes i think. Go there ASAP, because alcohol taste means ketotic breath, and if you know what ketones mean, you know that means your sugar metabolism and lipid metabolism is severely affected becau... Read More »

How to Prove to Your Parents That You Are Responsible Enough to Care for a Dog?

If you want a dog, but your parents say you aren't responsible enough (even if you promised to care for it and meant it), here is a method to show them that you are.