How do you charge iPad 2 for the first time before using it?

Answer Take the power adapter and either a) plug it into a wall outlet. or b) plug the USB part into your computer and plug your ipad in and let it charge. :)

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If I don't fully charge something when I charge it the first time, does that mean it won't hold a charge?

Put that battery in the charger, or whatever you use to charge it and leave it hooked up for at least 24 hours, no less. If not, in 3 months time you will be wondering "why, when I my battery says... Read More »

Do you really need to charge your BlackBerry Pearl for 24 hours the first time?

No; a BlackBerry battery comes with some charge already, and you can charge it while you run other setup features, such as adding email addresses. Even when its battery is very low, it should only ... Read More »

Do i need to charge my new laptop before use?

On One Hand: Why You May Need to Charge Your BatteryMany laptops require software configuration the first time they are booted up. If you do not charge your laptop before use, the battery may die u... Read More »

Do you need to charge rechargeable batteries before you use?

The best way to do a rechargeable battery is if there is a charge in it is to run the battery completely down. Then charge it completely and it is ready for use. Sometime it takes several charges t... Read More »