Do I need to connect the blue remote cable?

Answer The blue remote cable is primarily for connecting various Pioneer components together. For example, I have a Pioneer tuner - it has no remote receiver of its own - if I had a Pioneer integrated amp... Read More »

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What cable do you need to connect a DVD home theater system to a blue ray player?

How do you connect hdmi cable to plasma tv and blue ray DVD player?

How do I Connect a Cable Remote UR5U-6200L to an LG Television?

The UR5U-6200L remote is a universal television remote control that comes with some cable company equipment. If you own an LG television, then it is possible to connect the UR5U-6200L universal rem... Read More »

Do you need a USB cable to connect to the Internet?

An USB cable is not needed to access the Internet. Most connections utilize an Ethernet cable, which looks like a thick phone cord. One end of the cords connects to the modem or router. The other e... Read More »