Do I need to clone a Mac address for a 2Wire gateway?

Answer You do not need to clone a 2Wire gateway Mac address for the device to work correctly. Each network adapter and router/modem within a network has an independent Mac address. If a new adapter or mod... Read More »

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How to Set Up 2Wire for a Gateway?

2Wire Gateways are home networking devices that function both as a DSL modem and as a network router. Many of them have wireless networking functionality included as well. Because of their advanced... Read More »

What is a 2wire gateway?

A 2Wire gateway is designed to provide internet access for multiple devices including computers and gaming consoles. 2Wire gateways provide a wireless signal and have four ethernet ports available.... Read More »

What does"act"mean on a 2Wire Gateway?

A 2Wire Gateway is hardware that allows you to create a network. It is composed of a wireless router with firewall and can connect all of your computers, printers and other devices to a network. "A... Read More »

How to Set Up a 2Wire Gateway for Wireless?

The 2Wire Gateway functions as a DSL modem and wireless network router, but its wireless networking isn't enabled out of the box. With its wireless network enabled, you can access the Internet and ... Read More »