Do I need stitches please help?

Answer Yes, you need stitches. Especially on the palm of your hand where you will be moving it and cleaning your hands.Steri strips won't work on the palm.You can only get stitches within 12 to 24 hours ... Read More »

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((HELP)) Does this need stitches?

No it doesn't.Just make sure that you keep the cut real clean. Bandage it only for two days, then let it air till the cut heals. Wash the cut with Hydrogen peroxide and put Neosporin ointment on th... Read More »

OK, I just got 7 stitches on my chin. I need some tips to dealing with these. Can you help?

Ouch! Don't get them real wet. I just had stitches in my neck and I would remove the band aid, clean the area with alcohol, put some triple antibiotic salve on them & replace the band aid. Those w... Read More »

I really need help with my phone please please please?

maybe your phone have an auto set that all your message that u send has sent.. the problem maybe his signal low.. or maybe your phone got problem..

HELP!!!!!! I need big help with my iPod PLEASE PLEASE help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

contact the manufacturers or sellers for service.