Do I need new shocks& struts?

Answer On One Hand: Bounce Test and Test Drive.To test if new shocks and struts are needed, bounce the car by hand. If the shocks and struts allow more than one or two vibrations before dampening out the ... Read More »

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What Are Struts & Shocks?

Struts and shocks are on your vehicle to limit how far the suspension can travel. When struts and shocks are working properly, a vehicle will not bounce continually, even when on an uneven road. T... Read More »

When do shocks&struts need to be replaced?

Shocks or struts need replacement when they begin to affect the handling of the vehicle. Warning signs include swaying on turns, the front end dipping low during braking, the rear end dipping durin... Read More »

How to Change Shocks & Struts?

Automobiles use shock absorbers and struts to dampen the jolts and vibrations of the car as it rides down the road. These parts can wear out over time and will require replacement. Struts, typicall... Read More »

How to Diagnose Struts or Shocks Going Out?

Shocks and struts are extremely crucial components of a vehicle's suspension, ensuring that the vehicle handles safely and confidently and that the ride is comfortable over rough roads. Your shocks... Read More »