Do I need more RAM to boost start-up speed If yes, how much?

Answer Ive used McAfee before and it is really slow i now use Norton also with the RAM you should get a 1GB its great super fast good luck

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I need more high speed USB ports, help For my printer, camera, and iPod...?

Yes, USB hub.It will plug into 1 of your usb ports on your computer and give you more ports (usually 4) to plug stuff into. A powered hub is better than non powered, as a non powered one must take... Read More »

How much internet speed do i need?

Yes. I recommend faster Internet speeds. It definetely helps a lot. I have Verizon fios (35 mbps). My brother and I both game on 2 consoles at the same time while my parents use the computer and no... Read More »

How much processor speed do I need?

Windows Vista requires 800MHz of processor speed. The average computer (2009) has a 2GHz processor. Most computer programs and operating systems can run effectively with 2GHz. High end applications... Read More »

How can I boost my Internet Speed?

dude download game booster (freeware) turn it on and it does increases your computer speed and gets rid of unnecessary stuff & software which runs in the background.remember game booster (freeware ... Read More »