Do I need gravel in an aquarium?

Answer Gravel is not required in an aquarium. The purpose of gravel is to act as a floor filter through which sediment can fall through so that it's not collecting on open glass in a fish tank. You can us... Read More »

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Can you use old gravel in an aquarium?

If you are reusing your own or have purchased it from a reputable source, old aquarium gravel is acceptable with no cleaning. If the source is not reputable, wash the gravel under hot, running wate... Read More »

Can I use pea gravel in a freshwater aquarium?

Pea gravel pieces normally range between 3/16ths and 3/8ths of an inch in diameter. Common pea gravel is appropriate for use in freshwater aquariums, but it is not ideal for aquatic plants. Pea gra... Read More »

How to Clean Aquarium Gravel?

They can come in various colors, like blue.Aquarium Gravel can pretty things up in your fish tank, but they also serve as a purpose - hiding all the poop. When you clean the tank, though, it can be... Read More »

How deep should the gravel be in an aquarium?

Gravel in an aquarium is mainly used to hold plants down and give the fish direction. There should only be 1 to 2 inches of gravel in an aquarium unless you have a bottom dweller such as a crab. If... Read More »