Do I need car insurance when I rent a car?

Answer According to Bill McGee, columnist with "USA Today," buying car insurance when you rent a car is unnecessary if you are already covered by your own car insurance or if your credit card already offe... Read More »

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Do you need supplemental liability insurance when you rent a car?

Your liability coverages should apply, if you feel you need more coverage when you are renting a car then when you are in your own car I would go ahead. Usually their insurance is not necessary, I ... Read More »

Do you need your own auto insurance to rent a car?

Insurance when Renting a Car You only need non-owners insurance. It is relatively inexpensive and lasts for the term that you have the rental car. Most rental companies provide this type of insuran... Read More »

Will you need to get insurance if you rent out your flat?

Does your car insurance policy transfer when you rent a car?

Auto Rentals and Auto Insurance Coverage Usually your car insurance policy does "transfer" when you rent a car. It is always best to check with your auto insurance agent first, before you rent a ca... Read More »