Do I need car insurance to drive in Mexico?

Answer Canadian and American auto insurance is not valid in Mexico. Whether you drive your own car across the border or rent a car in Mexico, it is wise to purchase Mexican car insurance. Some states and ... Read More »

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Do you need extra car insurance to drive in Mexico?

You do not need extra insurance to drive in Mexico--you need a completely new policy. Mexico does not recognize American or Canadian car insurance. If involved in an accident, the consequences of n... Read More »

Do you need insurance& registration for a scooter in New Mexico?

A moped or scooter does not require registration or insurance in New Mexico, but a driver's license is required to operate mopeds or scooters. A vehicle is a moped or scooter if it has no more than... Read More »

If you are a minor in need of car insurance do you have to be under a parent or guardian's insurance plan to drive?

Answer As long as you hold a valid drivers license, you usually can obtain motor vehicle insurance as long as meet the insurance companies underwriting requirements, such as no tickes, no accident... Read More »

If you have insurance on your own car and are visiting a friend in another state do you need insurance on your friend's car to drive it for few days?

Answer Generally no, your insurance should extend to any car you drive. Some exceptions do exist like if your were driving professionally say as a limo driver. A quick call to your agent would a... Read More »