Do I need brake shims?

Answer On One Hand: Brake Shims HelpBrake shims are like woodworking shims, which a carpenter will use to slightly adjust the position of a cabinet or other item. However, rather than adjust positioning, ... Read More »

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How to Install Shims for Front Brake Pads?

Most automobiles today have front and rear disc brakes. Disc brakes are more reliable and more effective than drum brakes, making them a natural choice for safety-conscious motorists. Disc brakes s... Read More »

How to Replace Shims and Clips on New Rear Brake Pads?

Disc brakes work by two brake pads being pressed against a spinning rotor attached to the axle. As the pads press onto the rotor, friction is created, thereby slowing down the rotor and wearing on... Read More »

How to Replace Disk Brake Pad Shims on a Toyota Camry?

Brake shims on the Toyota Camry are designed to enable a smooth relationship between the brake pads and the vehicle's rotors. The shims even out the inconsistencies on the surface of the rotor to a... Read More »

Cutting Your Own Shims?

Installing new windows, cabinetry or door frames requires shims to level the uneven surfaces. A wood shim is a wedge that is long and narrow. Learning to make you own shims is handy because it save... Read More »