Do I need braces (picture included?

Answer Yes honey, you should get braces. It will close the gapes between your teethes. Also it will straighten out your teethes and it will make your smile better.

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Do I need braces (pic included)?

You should ask your dentist. I don't think your teeth look bad. Sometimes an imperfection gives your smile more character.My bottom teeth overlap a little like yours do I've been told my mouth is s... Read More »

Would i need braces best answer 10 points (pic included)?

I don't think your teeth look too bad, but I've got some friends and I thought their teeth looked fine but the dentist said they needed braces. it's a hard decision for us to make, consering we're ... Read More »

Teeth shifted after braces (pic included)?

You should ALWAYS wear your retainer. I got my braces off three years ago. I didn't wear my retainer and now I have to get braces again. It does not look like your teeth shifted too much. My advice... Read More »

Please tell me... do you think i look fat picture included?

I Love it. I am so tired of the regular "Am I too fat: or "who is the prettiest" they are SO boring and so fake. This is wonderful and I am giving you a star.