Do I need braces checked up every single month?

Answer Normally you do go for adjustments every 4 to 6 weeks. When patient can't come in for a little longer than normal it is not usually a problem. Just let your orthodontist know and make sure you have... Read More »

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Where can I watch every single episode of every TV show ever made online for free?

After reading the answers I have to LMAO, bunch of idiots! I do agree with you though. If you notice, most of the questions could be answered by googling, but if they did what questions would we ... Read More »

If all people were to checked for cancer like once a month, would we be able to stop it?

Cancer would not be able to be stopped by regular testing. The only way it could be stopped all together is if someone came up with a vaccine against it; and a cure for those who currently have it.... Read More »

Dentist said I need braces, but I have already had braces in the past (please read details)?

Hi! I would go to the specialist first to see what he/she thinks you need. I would listen to the specialist kind of like a tie breaker. Even if he/she says you NEED braces, they are your teeth and ... Read More »

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