Do I need both virus& firewall protection?

Answer On One Hand: They Do Different ThingsAnti-virus software protects your computer from contracting viruses when you download anything. A firewall prevents external entities from establishing connecti... Read More »

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Do i need to turn off my firewall if i install an anti-virus software?

No, don't turn off the firewall to install, but once installed, turn off your windows firewall and have Norton firewall running. Having both or more will conflict. And another thing, if a firewal... Read More »

Do i need virus protection for my mac?

On One Hand: Why Virus Protection is NeededWhen Macs were less widespread years ago, few viruses were developed to target these computers, which boasted built-in virus protection. As the popularity... Read More »

Do you need virus&spyware protection?

On One Hand: Protection Software Keeps Computers SafeComputer viruses and spyware are a constant threat to PC users. Operating systems come equipped with built-in protection against nefarious progr... Read More »

Do You need virus protection for iPad 2?