Do I need another cable box, if im splitting my cable?

Answer Depends on what you expect and have for TV hardware. Most TV's have an analog tuner that can tune in your basic cable channels without the need for a cable box.If you want a better / digital pictu... Read More »

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Splitting an ethernet cable?

Get a switch instead of a HUB. You WAN (internet) connection won't be reduced if only one device is using WAN bandwidth. A switch is better than a hub because it supports ethernet switching, mean... Read More »

Cable tv experts: how do you TEST those CABLE LINE SPLITTERS, the ones that split the cable to go to 2 tvs?

There is a 3.5 DBmv loss going through a two-way splitter. NOT 6. On a 3-way splitter, there is a loss of 3.5 dbmv on one port with a 7dbmv attenuation on the other two ports. The 3.5dbmv loss is... Read More »

Does coaxial cable give more cable than white cable?

Can you hook up a cable modem& cable TV to the same Comcast cable?

Yes. You can use a cable splitter to allow more than one device to use a single cable line, but there is often interference and reduced quality to all attached devices.References:Comcast: Can I Use... Read More »