Do I need an ISP with satellite internet?

Answer On One Hand: Satellite Internet Is Good In A Remote Location.There are many rural locations in the world where an Internet service provider (ISP) with a satellite Internet connection is desirable. ... Read More »

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What equipment do I need for satellite Internet?

Getting internet through a satellite is very similar to doing so through a telephone line. The two major differences is that your modem is a specialized item tied to a particular Internet service p... Read More »

Can you use VOIP with satellite Internet?

You can use a voice over Internet protocol (VOIP) service with a satellite Internet Service Provider (ISP). However, there are delays inherent in all satellite communication, and there may be sligh... Read More »

How to Share the Internet With Hughes Net Satellite?

HughesNet is an Internet service over satellite, unlike the traditional land-based internet provided by dial-up, DSL or cable. If your Internet connection coming into your home or business is throu... Read More »

Does ps3 work with satellite internet?

It's perfectly possible to use satellite Internet to connect to the PlayStation 3 network. Depending on your provider, however, the latency---how long it takes for data to travel from place to plac... Read More »