Do I need an ISP with satellite internet?

Answer On One Hand: Satellite Internet Is Good In A Remote Location.There are many rural locations in the world where an Internet service provider (ISP) with a satellite Internet connection is desirable. ... Read More »

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Can a satellite TV dish be used for satellite Internet?

Satellite Internet cannot run through most satellite television dishes, according to Velocity Guide. In general, satellite TV dishes only receive information, while modern satellite Internet servic... Read More »

What is satellite internet?

While most U.S. urban areas have access to wired broadband, whether cable or DSL, large areas of the country do not. Satellite Internet service allows these rural Internet users to connect at relat... Read More »

How to Use Satellite Internet?

Satellite Internet is a type of Internet service you can use in which your connection is established and transmitted via a satellite dish receiver, as opposed to using cable, dial-up, or digital su... Read More »

How fast is satellite internet?

The upload speed of satellite Internet usually runs between 50-256 kilobits per second. The download speed can run at 500 kbps or more. Satellite Internet is approximately ten times faster than dia... Read More »