Do I need an HDMI cord to get full HD on my new monitor?

Answer depends on your graphics card but if your moniter only supports dvi just buy a dvi to hdmi transfer unit only like 5$but if there is a hdmi i would use it because higher sound and video quality

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HDMI Cord From Pc to Pc Monitor!! Help Please Full POINTS!?

Remember you can use only ONE cable at a time to connect to your monitor.If you plug in HDMI while you still have some other cable connected (such as a VGA monitor cable), your computer will think ... Read More »

Which of these HDMI cables are best for connecting a Full HD 1920 x 1080 monitor to a desktop computer?

At the end of the day you'll still get the same result.. You won't notice the difference.At least you're going with a good brand: Belkin.

Do you need both an HDMI cord and a component cord for a blu ray or can you just use an HDMI cord?

HDMI is the only cable you need, because it carries a high-definition video and multi-channel audio signal all in one cable.

HDMI video card doesnt output HDMI signal to monitor?

I've seen this before on several systems that I've built. It is usually the resolution or refresh rate set too high for the TV to handle. Remember, that TV is not a computer monitor. Computer monit... Read More »