Do I need an HDMI cord to get full HD on my new monitor?

Answer depends on your graphics card but if your moniter only supports dvi just buy a dvi to hdmi transfer unit only like 5$but if there is a hdmi i would use it because higher sound and video quality

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HDMI Cord From Pc to Pc Monitor!! Help Please Full POINTS!?

Remember you can use only ONE cable at a time to connect to your monitor.If you plug in HDMI while you still have some other cable connected (such as a VGA monitor cable), your computer will think ... Read More »

Do you need both an HDMI cord and a component cord for a blu ray or can you just use an HDMI cord?

HDMI is the only cable you need, because it carries a high-definition video and multi-channel audio signal all in one cable.

Do you need a hdmi cord for a blue ray player?

yes, blu-ray discs are scratch proof, they can last way longer than dvds. but blu-ray discs can fingerprint.

Which of these HDMI cables are best for connecting a Full HD 1920 x 1080 monitor to a desktop computer?

At the end of the day you'll still get the same result.. You won't notice the difference.At least you're going with a good brand: Belkin.