Do I need an HD receiver for each HDTV?

Answer High-definition television, or HDTV, provides a better, more clear picture than standard television. In order to get HDTV, you need to purchase a high-definition TV set and connect it to either an ... Read More »

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Basic IR repeater for TV equipment in the closet... HDTV receiver, DVD player and surround receiver.?

Xantech makes the best.Try this link from SmartHome.com…If you have a flat pannle such as a plasma or LCD make sure to get a system that run for these disp... Read More »

If I buy a HDTV convertor box that is coming out, I won't need a Dish HD receiver or HDTV?

You are correct. The converter box will convert the over the air antenna signal from digital to analog for old TVs. From your question, i'm assuming you are presently using an antenna. Those who us... Read More »

HD Receiver Vs. HDTV Upconversion?

Most High-Definition Televisions (HDTVs) currently available provide both the ability to receive and display a native high definition (HD) signal and the ability to upconvent a standard definition ... Read More »

Is it better to up-convert and scale in the AV Receiver on in the HDTV?

It is always better to use the better scaler. That isn't meant to be a flippant answer but there is no fixed answer. All scalers take the original image and redraw it, working out what each pixel... Read More »