Do I need a retainer after I get braces?

Answer Yeah, I recently got my braces off and now I have to wear a retainer every night (for a year I think) to stop my teeth from moving's amazing how even not wearing it for a few nights can ... Read More »

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Can you use a retainer instead of braces?

On One Hand: In Some CasesIn certain cases, you can wear a retainer instead of braces. Orthodontists often prescribe retainers to close gaps in teeth or to move one tooth, according to Kid's Health... Read More »

Braces, retainer or something else?

Hello :) I had a gap between my teeth and I know exactly how you feel, but I got a retainer and that pulled my teeth back in a lot and after a year of that I got my braces in january which are bril... Read More »

Retainer before braces?

So your getting your braces on? When you get them off you have to wear your retainer for the rest of your life. Not 24/7 but at nights or every other night. Your teeth are always going to want to m... Read More »

Braces and retainer at the same time?

Yes, get the retainer ONLY if you have the teeth well justified.Good luck!