Do I need a regulator for a natural gas oven?

Answer On One Hand: You will Need a RegulatorNatural gas is another name for methane. This gas can be found in subterranean pockets in many countries of the world. It is colorless and odorless and burns v... Read More »

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What is a natural gas regulator?

A natural gas regulator reduces the pressure in the gas line that reaches your home, usually taking it down from 60 pounds per square inch to under 1/4 pound. The gas utility company needs to maint... Read More »

How do you adjust the oven on a gas range from LP to natural gas?

A homeowner does not "adjust" an oven that is set up to work on liquid propane (LP) so that it can be used with nautral gas. What must happen is that the gas jets in the burners must be replaced, a... Read More »

I need to replace the bake element in a ge automatc self clean oven, but i seem to need the voltage. any ideas?

What do you need the voltage for? To get a new element, all you need is the model number. If you post that, I can tell you which one you need & how to replace it.

What is full name of a manufacturer of wall ovens wthe letters ending in esteline need to purchase new oven would like to know manufacturers name the first few letters have fallen off old oven?