Do I need a license to cut& style hair at home?

Answer On One Hand: It's Not a ProblemThere aren't any legal issues with cutting your own hair or someone else's hair by yourself without a license. It is, of course, a good idea to have some prior knowle... Read More »

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Do You Need a License to Style Hair in Maryland?

The Maryland Board of Cosmetologists and the Maryland Board of Barbers work in cooperation with the state's Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation to see that all practitioners of cosmetolog... Read More »

Do I need an electrician license for my own home?

Much depends on where you live, though most state, city or town codes in the United States require that all electrical work meets NFPA codes; and some locales require that licensed electricians do ... Read More »

Do I need a license to babysit in my home in Florida?

The requirements for a childcare license set forth in the Florida State Statutes only apply to those who watch children from two or more unrelated families in their home on a regular basis. Those w... Read More »

How to Style Black Hair at Home?

Whether curly or straight, African-American hair is coarse, thus giving the perception that it is dry. Actually, the opposite it true. Black hair produces more natural oils than other ethnicities, ... Read More »