Do I need a good computer to make something like this?

Answer It depends on what you consider a powerful computer. A mac is great for it but if you have any kind of movie software is good too. You have to take a bunch of pictures and stream it together. iMovi... Read More »

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Does a 1080p tv make a good computer monitor?

On One Hand: Large Monitors and Small TVs Have Similar SizesMonitor companies are making computer monitors larger to the point where they are encroaching into sizes that were previously reserved fo... Read More »

Will a big screen LCD TV make a good computer monitor?

im not sure how its done, some type od extra card but it can be doneused to see it before the power point projectors came outthey used a standard tube tv mounted to a walljust dont leave the comput... Read More »

What is a good program to make computer games?

On One Hand: Flash Game Design Is PopularFlash video games, or "flash games," are very popular online and there are many beginner-friendly flash tutorials online. Using free programs, anyone can le... Read More »

Do you think that a hacker would make a good consultant on computer security?

Actually, a family member WAS a Hacker and is now making major money STOPPING Hackers. His skills were an EGO thing and he wanted to be the best. Now he realizes the potential harm and points out... Read More »