Do I need a good computer to make something like this?

Answer It depends on what you consider a powerful computer. A mac is great for it but if you have any kind of movie software is good too. You have to take a bunch of pictures and stream it together. iMovi... Read More »

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How can I make something like this with text?

Check out these ASCII Art Generators: Read More »

What r some good 15 bday cake ideas for girls! i need help! i would like something outrageous!?

I have been a cake decorator for about two years and cakes with feathers and diamonds seem quite popular? like burlesque style, not so long ago i made a Gucci shoe cake and a Las Vegas themed cake ... Read More »

Does this sound like a good computer?

Its pretty good, thought I would wait a while because the computer market looks like it will continue to fall and computers will get cheaper in a short period of time. Also the windows installed on... Read More »

I need a good free virus scanner for this computer?

AVG is about the best you can get. It will tell you what sites are good and bad before you even go to them.