Do I need a digital receiver?

Answer On One Hand: You Do Not Need a Digital ReceiverAs of June 12, 2009, television stations now broadcast only in digital format. If you were using an antenna to receive television signals, you'll need... Read More »

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How do you send a wirless signal from a (Digital Cable) coaxial connection to a digital receiver?

you need to be more specific. your coaxial needs to be hooked up to modem or cable router. a cable just sticking out of a wall does not give off a wireless signal. i suggest you put a cable modem ... Read More »

What is a digital TV receiver?

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Is a Comcast DVR a digital receiver?

Yes, a Comcast DVR is a digital receiver. If the Comcast DVR is ordered, the DVR will take the place of your current digital cable box. The DVR receives digital cable and allows you to record speci... Read More »

What is a Digital Terrestrial Receiver?

A Digital Terrestrial Receiver, or DTR, is a device used to receive high-definition digital terrestrial television signals. DTR generally has a superior picture quality to standard high-definition ... Read More »