Do I need a digital receiver?

Answer On One Hand: You Do Not Need a Digital ReceiverAs of June 12, 2009, television stations now broadcast only in digital format. If you were using an antenna to receive television signals, you'll need... Read More »

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Alright, i have the Genesis Media lab g506 digital series and i need to know what u recomment for a receiver?

I don't quite follow your question -- the Genesis G-506 is supposed to be an all-in-one HT system and includes a "5.1 receiver" built into the subwoofer. That said, as far as I can figure out this ... Read More »

How do you send a wirless signal from a (Digital Cable) coaxial connection to a digital receiver?

you need to be more specific. your coaxial needs to be hooked up to modem or cable router. a cable just sticking out of a wall does not give off a wireless signal. i suggest you put a cable modem ... Read More »

What is the best home theater receiver Not speakers, I have speakers and just need the receiver part.?

denon will get you your best for your money. i have 3 receivers. avr1612, avr3313, and rxv473, my favorites are my Denon's. onkyo is pretty good for the price as well and usually more feature packe... Read More »

Do you need a digital antenna for a digital tv with a digital tuner?

No. In fact, there really is no such thing as a "digital" antenna. Companies that make TV antennas put things like "HD ready" or "Digital TV ready" as a marketing scheme to get consumers to upgra... Read More »