Do I need a degree to be called a chef?

Answer A chef is simply someone who runs a kitchen and directs other cooks. You don't need a degree to be called a chef, although most chefs have some formal training. Many chefs gain their experience whi... Read More »

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What degree is needed to become a chef?

The culinary arts profession, like many trades, requires little formal education or training. Many of the required skills can be learned on the job or over time.Minimum EducationThough the culinary... Read More »

What degree is required for a chef?

You don't need any degree to become a chef. Much of your skill and experience will come from on-the-job training. However, a high school diploma, a degree in business, or a culinary arts degree or ... Read More »

What Kind of Degree Does a Chef Have to Have?

A culinary arts degree augments a chef's curriculum vitae, and indicates she has invested time, money and effort in the pursuit of her craft. However, in the food service industry, a culinary degre... Read More »

What is the degree job of security for a chef?