Do I need a box spring with a memory foam mattress?

Answer Memory foam mattresses are designed to adjust to individual body shapes and sizes. A memory foam mattress functions by softening where the body creates increases in the foam's temperature by pressi... Read More »

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Can i put a memory foam mattress on top of an old box spring?

On One Hand: Discard a Box Spring With Loose JointsDo not use an old box spring as a foundation for a new mattress if it is not sturdy enough to provide support. Discard old box springs that have r... Read More »

I just purchased a gel memory foam pad. Can I use a heated mattress pad with the gel memory foam pad?

contact the maker of the gel memory pad. The heat may damage it!!

Can heated mattress pads be used with memory foam padding?

According to the technical center director at a large memory foam manufacturing plant, heated mattress pads can be used on memory foam. The heat will make the foam softer, but will not damage it. T... Read More »

Do I need box spring with a mattress?

Box springs act as the foundation and support system for many types of mattresses. In fact, when you go shopping for a new mattress, a box spring is often sold along with the mattress as a complete... Read More »