Do I need a bigger pool pump?

Answer Swimming pool maintenance is very important, and understanding the size of the pool pump that you need will make that job easier. Don't be fooled by claims by pool dealers and contractors promising... Read More »

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Does an idle pool or a pool with a pump running evaporate quicker?

Answer A boiling pot of water will boil faster if you stir it. I would expect it creates more surface area for heat exchange to occur, resulting evaporation. A pool should act the same.

Can I Use an Inground Pool Pump With an Above Ground Pool?

According to Poolcenter, an inground pool pump can be used with an above ground pool. If a low-head pool pump (head referring to the flow rate) was used with an inground pool that had fewer than 10... Read More »

Can I Use a Bigger Liner Than the Size of the Pool?

Installing too large a liner automatically voids its warranty. Liner and pool walls will not hold water in place tightly together, quickly damaging the liner and walls. Large wrinkles will appear a... Read More »

Is a pool pump a centrifugal pump?

Yes, most pool pumps are self-priming, centrifugal pumps, since this type of pump is best suited for constant lower pressures, as in pool filters. However, some pool pumps are reciprocating pumps, ... Read More »