Do I need a USB 2.0 motherboard to connect a USB 2.0 hub?

Answer USB 2.0 is backwards-compatible, so it is possible to use a USB 2.0 hub with a motherboard that only supports USB 1.1. However, you will not be able to utilize the increased speed that USB 2.0 offe... Read More »

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My motherboard can only support 2GB RAM - Do I need a new motherboard if I want to add more RAM?

I remember the old ASRock Dual-VSTA motherboard. It had a limit of 2GB and ASRock had a beta BIOS that allowed it to use 4GB. If your manufacturer has not (and chances are that they haven't becau... Read More »

How to Connect the LED Switch to an MSI Motherboard?

WIf you buy a desktop computer at a retail store, the machine features LED lights on the front panel to indicate power and hard drive usage. If you decide to build your own computer instead, the af... Read More »

Where do I connect the case fan on this motherboard?

It looks like you're a connector short. Not all motherboards have the same amount of three-pin fan connectors.The easiest way around that is to get one of these... Read More »

How to Connect Three Hard Drives to a Motherboard?

The physical connection of a hard drive to motherboard is the first step in its proper installation within the computing system. This process is performed before connecting the power supply to the ... Read More »