Do I need a Tetanus shot?

Answer Get the shot. Fast. 1998 IS 10 years ago. Tetanus is extremely painful. I got it back in the 80s when I was mining for gold in Ecuador, and if I live another 50 years, I won't forget it. We were in... Read More »

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I shot myself in the leg with a nail gun at work today and i'm wondering if i need to get a tetanus shot?

How to Know when You Need a Tetanus Shot?

Tetanus is a disease that is acquired from the tetanoid toxin, which is bacteria that lurks in contaminated soil, animal feces, and other areas. It affects the nerves and can cause intense muscle s... Read More »

When you get a tetanus shot, does it hurt?

do push ups or use your arms (or where ever your getting the shot) right after. it helps the stuff move around in your arm and itll help it not be as sore. Trust me it helps!!! i know it sounds du... Read More »

Ok... what happens when you don't get a TETANUS shot after you've been cut by something rusty?

Tetany is a disease process comes about by a particular bug that lives in dirt. When I say bug I mean germ. This germ likes places that are dark, warm and lack oxygen. When you step on a rusty nail... Read More »