Do I need QuickTime on my computer?

Answer On One Hand: QuickTime Can Be UsefulApple QuickTime is a multimedia player most widely used to play proprietary media types, such as .mov files. QuickTime is also used by professional media produce... Read More »

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How do I remove QuickTime from a computer?

Logging OnLog on to your computer. Click on the "Start" button and select "Control Panel."UninstallingSelect "Add or Remove Programs" in the Control Panel. Find Quicktime in the list of programs an... Read More »

Does QuickTime slow down your computer?

On One Hand: QuickTime Slows Down ComputersThe QuickTime movie player program has a tendency to slow down computers, especially PCs. The program uses about 10MB of system RAM; while this is not a v... Read More »

Do you need Quicktime Player to have iTunes installed?

The iTunes installer installs Quicktime Player with it so it is not possible to install iTunes without Quicktime Player as they are in the same executable.

CSI Crime scene investigation for the PC. I downloaded the Quicktime 6 with the disc as told on many sites and the game wont run with quicktime 6 but will with a new version but white box is there.?

I think so. I mean, for all the esteem he gives Dexter on his work, in Season 2, Dexter did nothing but screw up his cases and didn't help on the Bay Harbor Butcher investigation much. Lundy even c... Read More »