Do I need Medicare if I have federal employee benefits?

Answer No. Your federal retiree benefits will continue to cover you whether you participate in Medicare or not. However, you may want to consider taking Part B, as your federal retiree benefits wrap aroun... Read More »

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Federal Law & Employee Benefits?

A number of U.S. federal laws and regulations apply to workers in the United States. Employment benefits include various insurance programs, some administered by the state and others administered b... Read More »

How much does an employee have to make before you have to withhold federal&state taxes?

Each employee that you pay wages (there is no minimum amount) to is subject to Social Security tax (6.2%) and Medicare tax (1.45%). Federal taxes are determined by using the W-4 form information th... Read More »

Does a resident need to be notified when their medicare benefits are exhausted?

When your coverage under the Medicare skilled nursing benefit is soon to end, the facility must give you a written notice titled, "Skilled Nursing Facility Advance Beneficiary Notice of Non-Coverag... Read More »

How much do you have to pay an employee before paying federal income tax?

There is no lower limit. You pay from dollar one. == ans ==And just to clarify - the employer does NOT pay federal income tax on pay to an employee. He "withholds" income tax from the amount of pay... Read More »