Do I need Internet security software?

Answer On One Hand: Keep Your Data SafeEvery time you connect your computer to the Internet, you expose your computer and data to a host of web-based threats like viruses, spyware, adware and information ... Read More »

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Does a Mac need antivirus& Internet security software?

A Mac does need anti-virus and Internet security software. Although the vast majority of viruses are written for Windows-based systems, Mac OS X has vulnerabilities as well. If the market share of ... Read More »

Internet Security Software for Children?

Protecting kids on the Internet is becoming more important than ever. Internet security software is available for free from Microsoft or for a fee from other retailers. Internet security software a... Read More »

Comparison of PC Internet Security Software?

In today's connected world, many people spend time surfing the Internet or performing tasks online. There are many threats such as viruses and spyware that can harm your computer, and it is importa... Read More »

What is Internet security software?

Internet security software is a package of tools that protects your computer and your identity while you are surfing the Internet, checking your email, downloading applications or anything else you... Read More »