Is it ok for a guy to like girly shows like Hannah Montana or Lizzie McGuire?

Answer I would say yes because you are being yourself and not trying to fit a certain stereotype.Good for you about not caring what others think because you don't know what your friends are watching behin... Read More »

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Do u like hannah montana?

yeah........well not really........alright, NOThe only reason she is famous is b/c her dad was.I'm the same age as her and i probably deserve better. I have more than one musical talent that are wa... Read More »

Do you like hannah montanah?

Do you like hannah montana?

My wife watches the show because she thinks Billie Ray is sexy...what does she know...she married me. lolI must admit that I kinda like watching the show. I think it is because that I don't have t... Read More »

How can you get famous like Hannah Montana?

she auditioned for Hannah Montana the show in the first place. plus her dad is famous. so if u can sing u can go into American idol and if u can act they will find that out Selena Gomez... Read More »