Do I have/used to have an eating disorder?

Answer Yea, it's all mental. You do have an eating disorder, the best way to conquer that is to get counseling and you'll get better, and you'll learn to love your body too. Don't worry, a lot of people h... Read More »

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Do I have an eating disorder?

yes you have an eating disorder. You can not survive on 500 calories. You need a minimum of 1200. if you eat only 500 you wont loose weight.. Your body will think its starving and stop weight loss... Read More »

Do I have an eating disorder!?

Your weight for your height and age is perfect, your body will be great you do not need these thoughts, if you are that paranoid get out and exercise more and cut out sweets

Do I have a eating disorder?

Have I developed an eating disorder?

It's good that you recognize that your eating patterns aren't healthy. I don't think you have an eating disorder, but I think your eating habits could lead to an eating disorder down the road. I wo... Read More »