Do I have to wear those stupid glasses?

Answer They give them to you for a reason. Wear them!! The health of your eyes is really important.

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People who wear distance you always wear your glasses when you're out etc?

I wear them all the time.When I don't wear them, I don't get confused, but I can't see well at all. Given my prescription, that's not at all surprising.

Are my glasses stupid?

honey do what u likedont care what the sayif u like wear it and show it off :Dand i think it is really nice

So I know this might sound stupid but help on glasses?

I'm not sure what to do about the kind of lenses you need, I would suggest you forget glasses and get contacts. Being that I actively take part in sports also, I can tell you glasses are a pain to ... Read More »

Do My New Glasses Look Stupid *picture*?

I think they're nice glasses. They are on the big side, but if they were a little smaller they would suit you better.