Do I have to use name-brand ink for my printer or can I go generic with it?

Answer The GOOD news here is that LEXMARK ink carts, like HP and most of the new Canon carts, have the gold foil and the silicon CHIP that controls the ink flow, ATTACHED to the cart, so that with a NEW c... Read More »

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Is generic medication better than name brand?

On One Hand: Equivalence Between Generic and Branded DrugsGeneric drug manufacturers filing an application with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) must prove its drug's ability to be as ef... Read More »

Are generic brands juat as good as the name brand stuff?

In most cases YES they are just as good. Sometimes the name brand actually makes the generic brand too.

Perscribed generic,dident work,would like name brand help?

Yes, just say you are paying for it and don't want generic

Is there any real difference in the perfomance of a generic "sd" card vs a more costly name brand?