Do I have to use Honda oil in my 2007 Honda 250 motorcycle?

Answer No. Honda-branded oil and lubricants may be substituted with products from a different brand, providing that the oil meets the lubrication needs required by the motorcycle. The oil used should does... Read More »

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Can you use synthetic oil in a 4-stroke engine on a 2007 Honda 250 motorcycle?

Yes, you can. Synthetic oil is a very popular choice right now for motorcycles in general. Amsoil is a company that specializes in making synthetic motor oil for vehicles, including motocross/dir... Read More »

How to Remove the Rear Wheel on a 2007 Honda 750 Motorcycle?

The drive shaft system used by Honda's 2007 VT750 Shadow motorcycles was designed to provide Shadow riders with a low maintenance riding experience. Unfortunately, the same drive shaft system makes... Read More »

Honda motorcycle VIN help?

That should be a 1979 Honda CM400T This look similar?…… Note: Notice the serial numbers listed on Motera site f... Read More »

How to Start a Honda XL 500 Motorcycle?

The Honda XL500 Is a full size enduro motorcycle with a 499 cc four-stroke engine. Enduro means that this bike can go from off-road to street with no modifications and is legal on both terrains. St... Read More »