Do I have to take Vicodine after getting my wisodom teeth put yesterday?

Answer Vicodin is a PAIN RELIEVER. If you don't have pain, you don't need to take it. It works differently for everyone, and I know a lot of people who don't like it. For me, it doesn't relieve pain ... Read More »

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Is it ok to have a cigarette after getting your wisdom teeth removed?

Answer:Dentists tell you not to drink hot liquids or smoke because doing either may affect the tissue from healing as quickly. Answer: NoWait at least 48 hours. Answer:NO - SMOKE AT YOUR OWN RIS... Read More »

What to do if i have a sharp pain after getting my wisdom teeth pulled?

It's really common to feel a lot of pain. It was almost excruciating. Take your pain meds, drink milkshakes and stay away from food you have to chew for a little while. It sucks but eventually it w... Read More »

Will the swelling from getting my wisdom teeth removed (yesterday/thursday) be gone by monday !?

Honestly, it depends. I got mine out Wednesday and I have such minor swelling that it is hard to even notice. I believe you should switch to a warm washcloth for swelling on the second day. Keep ta... Read More »

How long does an adult have to wait to get braces after getting their wisdom teeth pulled?

The bottom answer is not totally correct.You must wait at least a few weeks, preferably 3 months, before getting braces in order to let the gums and the bone heal properly before putting on braces.... Read More »