Do I have to have a special printer to print on photo paper?

Answer Just use regular photo paper in any inkjet and it will work perfectly. Just don't select BEST because it will use up ink faster. Just set it to NORMAL print and the output will be just as good but ... Read More »

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There is an option on my printer to print on photo paper. How can I convert it from regular to photo paper.?

There should be an option when you click on your printer icon or possibly there is an option to choose if your printer has the small lcd window to change preferences.

Do you need special ink to print on photo paper?

You will not need anything else except the photo paper.Laser printers use Toner not ink.

Trying to get 4x6 Photo paper to print but my printer keeps saying there is no paper loaded?

Double check to make sure that you selected the correct paper size, type & paper tray in the application & job you're using. Sounds like it's looking for different paper in a different tray to prin... Read More »

How to Print on Photo Paper With a HP 1209 Printer?

The HP 1209 printer can handle a variety of paper types, including photo paper. It is important that you follow the correct steps to properly print on photo paper, or the photo prints may not turn ... Read More »