Do I have to apply for an orthodontist?

Answer If you're looking for an nhs orthodontist your dentist will probably have to refer you there. Assuming your dentist has said you are illegible for braces, Keep reminding your dentist about referrin... Read More »

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I have a orthodontist appointment on June 4th what will happen?

Depends if you have already been to that orthodontist. If not, then they will just look at your teeth and tell you if you need braces.If yes, then they will do impressions and photos, talk about yo... Read More »

My orthodontist looked at my x-ray and told me I have the biggest sinuses he's ever seen. What do you think?

Just don't let him start sticking stuff up in there. He might poke your brain!

Orthodontist and braces?

Most people get braces when all their teeth have been lost. It's better to get them earlier than later in my opinion. I got mine when I was 12. If you get them, you'll be fine. In the end, it's wha... Read More »

How do you pick an orthodontist?

Answer You could ask your dentist for a few reccamendations. Or you could look in your phone book for some possible ones. Or you could do a Internet search for the area you live in and orthodonist... Read More »