Do I have to always be thirsty to have Diabetes?

Answer No, but it is a sign

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Why are people with diabetes always thirsty?

Hi,The body always has a system, and a backup system.When the body works normally, the pancreas keeps the sugar levels under control by making the correct amount of insulin, and changes any sugar s... Read More »

My mom thinks I may have diabetes!! Im always thirsty too!!?

Get to a doctor and get tested. This is not a disease that will 'go away' if you have it. It's a disease that can be moderated by your own efforts - but you need to know right away.

Why does thirsty occur with diabetes mellitus?

The word diabetes means "to go right through" or "to release water". When you have diabetes you void alot of water, (pee alot). Thus, the chronic thirst.

For the people who answer questions in the diabetes section, where you do get your diabetes knowledge from?

With desperation being the primary motivator: Nearly five years of intense research from all sorts of resources.... Books, Internet sites/forums, asking other diabetics and doctors about it, taking... Read More »