Do I have thrush or a yeast infection Please help!!!?

Answer Thrush is actually the same thing as a yeast infection. I've read that rubbing regular white yogurt on the area gets rid of it.

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UTI and Yeast infection. Help please?

Sounds to me like you need a new doctor. My doctor told me that sex is usually the cause of UTI.You could also be slightly allergic to your husbands semen. Have you tried sex with a condom and se... Read More »

I think I have a yeast infection! Help?

If you go to the doctor, you'll have a diagnosis and it'll be sorted pretty quickly.If you guess what is wrong, you might be right and it might sort itself out, or you might end up going on holiday... Read More »

What is a yeast infection what causes it and is it a deadly disease how can i cure it Help please?

Hi, your ok, yeast infection is far more common than you think, few factors involed and pretty easy to sort out when got in time. For you yourself find someone that does "Vega Testing", someone fro... Read More »

I have an ear infection PLEASE HELP!!!?

Advil. Hope you feel better it must be horrible. I have had ear pain and it totally sucks! hang in there. go to a different doc?