Do I have thrush or a yeast infection Please help!!!?

Answer Thrush is actually the same thing as a yeast infection. I've read that rubbing regular white yogurt on the area gets rid of it.

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Can you get a yeast infections from using the same toilet as someone who has a yeast infection?

No. Yeast infections are caused by an overgrowth of a yeast that naturally exists in the vagina. Since you already have that yeast in you so you can't be "infected" by anyone else.-----------------... Read More »

What is thrush infection of mouth?

Oral thrush is a yeast infection of the mucus membrane lining the mouth and tongue. It is a condition that occurs when the fungus Candida accumulates on that lining.CauseA small amount of Candida l... Read More »

Can a urinary tract infection cause a yeast infection?

On One Hand: Not a Cause of Yeast InfectionsAccording to The Partnership for Women's Health at Columbia University, yeast infections may occur as a result of diarrhea that is sometimes a side effec... Read More »

I think I have a yeast infection! Help?

If you go to the doctor, you'll have a diagnosis and it'll be sorted pretty quickly.If you guess what is wrong, you might be right and it might sort itself out, or you might end up going on holiday... Read More »