Do I have some drinking problem?

Answer Was there a change in climate? Did you move somewhere? Altitude change? Nothing to really worry about though. As long as you aren't wetting the bed :P

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Do I have a drinking problem?

If you cant stop or control it then it is a problemIf you are using money that should be going to other things on beer...problemIf you think about it all the time and it affects your actions...problem

How to Know if You Have a Drinking Problem?

Alcohol problems are common but so is occasional excessive use of alcohol. Does getting drunk once or a few times mean you are an alcoholic? Here is a handy guide to help you answer this tricky que... Read More »

My Mum has a drinking problem.?

Where is you father in all of this. I take your parents are divorced. Can you turn to him or your grandparents a aunt or uncle

Do I have a Problem with drinking -__-?

Sounds like the typical 20yr old social life. But wouldn't it be better to travel the world, or develop a hobby on the weekend? It provides better stories and a happier experience than that dreade... Read More »