Do I have hooded eyes *Pic*?

Answer I wouldn't quite say they're hooded, but maybe small eyes? I have the same thing, so I just do a really thin line of liner or sometimes I skip liner on the upper lashline and make my eyes look larg... Read More »

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Does Adriana Lima have Almond, Hooded, Deep Set, Close set or Far set eyes?

Almond and her nose is perfect!answer mine?;_ylt=AtT6sKyOilxMtsxQCo0igziz5HNG;_ylv=3?qid=20120909132423AAZnAZg

Are my eyes hooded I got a better pic?

I have similar lids. Girls like us just have those huge bambi eyes!If you want to show off your gorgeous eyes, then do a light-to-dark fade from the inside corner to the crease. I start with a lig... Read More »

How to Apply Makeup on Hooded Eyes?

If you sometimes wish you were born with a different eye shape because you think yours look too secretive and mysterious, read on. The key to bringing hooded eyes into focus is simply to add light ... Read More »

How to Apply Eyeliner to Hooded Eyes?

Hooded eyes are eyes that look like they have little, if any, eyelid due to the excess eyelid skin that can hang over the lid. Applying makeup to hooded eyes can help to enhance their appearance. T... Read More »