Do I have enough native American in me to be helped with college aid?

Answer its an often repeated lie that natives get college tuition assistance from the government. we don't. any scholarships or money comes from the nation you are enrolled in..if they have the money to h... Read More »

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Being a Native American how can I apply for a grant to go to school at Collins College?

Like Kyle, who gave you a great answer, I too wonder how you, an enrolled member/citizen of the Navajo Nation (yes? no?) does not know how to go about finding about college/univ. financial aid thro... Read More »

My family does not have enough money so i have to go to Community College for a year?

Native American Activities With Blocks for Preschool?

In most preschool classrooms, you'll find a block center, an area filled with different types of blocks and other building materials and props for children to explore. These centers allow children ... Read More »

Please help. i have a child with a severe earache i have used the pain ear drops and its not helped at all,i?

I picked my daughter up from school a few weeks ago, and she was sitting in her teachers lap screaming to the top of her lungs because of her ears. I took her straight to the doctor, and they said ... Read More »