Do I have colon cancer?

Answer Relax! Light red blood in the feces is generally a good thing, as the cause is usually something simple ,like the result of straining or hemorrhoids. You haven't given your age, but if you are unde... Read More »

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Don't no if I have colon cancer?

Blood in a bowel movement is not always serious, but you should always call your doctor if it happens. Bright red blood is usually from hemorrhoids or tears in the anal lining called fissures. Cons... Read More »

Can you have colon cancer and have no other symptoms except pain?

It is very possible to have colon cancer with no symptoms at all. Abdominal pain is not an early warning symptom for colon cancer. Intermittent abdominal pain in a 21 year old is far more likely t... Read More »

Do i have colon cancer!!! help me please?

call your OB/GYNyou probably have IBSwatch what you eat.NO caffeine, ,coffee especially, you may need a GI specialist, but call your gyneit could be an infection, diet, stressfor sure, NOT colon ca... Read More »

Please answer: Do I have colon cancer?

Firstly, you need to realise that this is not the kind of question that can be answered after a simple description of symptoms.From what you've said already, it really does sound like backed up sto... Read More »